The Royal Wedding

Posted by Erich Shelton on Thursday, April 21, 2011 Under: Inspiration
Okay…so you've been invited to the wedding but the invitation got lost in the post. What do you do? Well, you contact Katherine Baxter. Surely she will help you out. Even though this has absolutely nothing to do with typography (directly) it does have to do with design and more particularly designing maps. Katherine Baxter has been commission to create several maps for the big day on the 29th. This means that even though the postal system is sometimes incompetent, you don't have to totally miss the day.

Katherine Baxter's work is exquisite, whether small or large scale. Meticulous research goes into every ‘jewel’ like piece, and the pleasure she derives from producing these, is communicated to us all. There is complete mastery of the axonometric projection, as can be appreciated in her grand London and New York posters. It is, as if one is transported by hot air balloon, floating gently over all those much loved and beautifully painted landmarks.

David Driver, Head of design, The Times

So, study the map well and mark your spot like the big dog that you are. I wish I were there to enjoy the day. Perhaps my invitation really is still in the post?

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