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Typographic Aggression!

Posted by Erich Shelton on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, In : Humour 

Recently, Ikea unveiled its new catalogue, and designers began complaining almost immediately. To laymen, the problem is probably almost invisible: Ikea has changed its official font from Futura—with its tony design pedigree—to Verdana.

So what? Verdana was designed as on on-screen font for Microsoft. And while it's serviceable in that context, it was never meant for print. Designers would liken that move to driving a Honda Civic around a racetrack—sure the Civic might be a fine family c...
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More reasons why we need to proofread and need graphic designers

Posted by Erich Shelton on Wednesday, May 31, 2017, In : Humour 
One can only hope that the top image has been Photoshopped. Nevertheless I thought it was funny. Surely somebody isn't that inept!

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NOT Proofreading is Costly!

Posted by Erich Shelton on Monday, May 29, 2017, In : Humour 

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Me, Who Else?

Erich Shelton I am an adjunct professor at the University of Southern Indiana, located in Evansville. My favourite subjects to teach are obviously ‘Typography’ as well as ‘Graphic Design History’, 'Senior Seminar' and ‘Computer Illustration.’